Race in Augsburg (Germany) 20—22/10:

On a radiant Saturday morning we headed out to the Eiskanal for the last Euro Cup Competition of the year.

After a quite bad sprint, where we got stuck in the eddy , we were still able to finish 2nd out of the 6 participating women’s teams.

There were 2 Belgian (Waterproof) teams, 1 Dutch team (Fl’eau) and 3 German teams.

Waterproof Team 2 finished last in the sprint, but we have to say that the competition was fierce.

As we were exempt of the 1st round in the H2H race, we were able to cheer our 2nd team, that won their first battle.

Unfortunately, in the 2nd round we had to race against each other, but it did mean that a Belgian team would definitely make it to the finals.

In the finals we had to compete against a German team. It was a long battle, but after 100 meters we took the lead and we were able to paddle nicely to the finish line.

Our Waterproof 2 team won the race for 3rd place. 

After a short lunch break, we had to memorize the entire sequence of slalom gates, containing 6 upstream gates and 8 downstream gates.

At the 1st run we missed one gate and hit 3 times, but we knew we could do better, so we put all our efforts into the 2nd run.

Unfortunately the run did not have a better outcome, but luckily we were able to gain 1st place on the slalom race.

After an exhausting day, we were given a well-deserved break, so we could perform again the next day.

The down river race took place on Sunday. Starting with a run to the raft, our first team immediately took the lead and finished 1st.

With our 2 Waterproof teams we definitely showed our capacities and gained a well-deserved 1st and 4th place in the rankings.

Another good performance!

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