Belgian ladies win European Championships Rafting 2012 title

The Belgian ladies of the Waterproof rafting team have made a stunning impression on the European Championships in the Czech Republic by winning the title.

A 5th place in the sprint, a 2nd place in the H2H, a 3rd place in the slalom and a 1st place in the downriver race have all contributed to the Waterproof Women Rafting Team winning the well-deserved European title in R4.

On top of the European title in R4, they gained 5th place in R6. These results exceed all expectations and emphasize that hard work and training really pays off.

European Championship Czech Republic 2012

Lipno nad Vltava hosted the2012 European Championships and welcomed 19 ! countries (men and women) who had to compete against each other in the following four disciplines: sprint, H2H, slalom and downriver.

On the first day of the competition, the Belgian ladies already surprised everyone in R4 by beating favorite Czech Republic in the first round of the H2H. After a few furious battles, the Belgian ladies finally gained 2nd and won their first medal. In the slalom run, R4 as well as R6 managed to pass all gates, but a few touches resulted in some penalties. Despite these penalties, R4 managed to win a bronze medal. R6 gained 5th place, finishing in just a few seconds of the teams who did won a medal.

On the final day of the competition the downriver race, a real test of technical skills, was held. The exhausting race (+/- 40 min.)became a huge success as R4 finished 1st and R6 finished 5th in just a few seconds of the 1st three teams.

All ambitions have been surpassed, the achievements and results of the Belgian women have definitely put Belgium on the map in the world of rafting.

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