Eurocup Durence

After a long night drive, we started our day with a full day training session and we tested all our new positions.

Friday was filled with sprints, battles and the downriver race of raft four

Sprint Raft 4: clear win
H2H Raft 4: lost by 16-hundredths of a second: good start, but we went up too high, made a nice come back but we were not able to win
Downriver Raft4: easy win. We were able to keep up with the men and finished after the whitewater rafting school
Sprint Raft 6: third place. By 1 second of Fl’eau and by half a second of Liquid Ladies: very tight!
H2H Raft 6: We beat the Liquid Ladies. We tightly lost to Fl’eau: we started faster, but unfortunately we could not keep up with them

Saturday: all slaloms!
Raft 4: we passed all gates and touched only one: result: 1st place
Raft 6: poor 1st salom, at the 2nd run we passed 9 gates, missed one and touched a few! Tough slalom course, but we can say we displayed good rafting skills considering the entire new raft setup!

Downriver Raft 6: The impossible takes place again: after a good start, we are heading the race, straight to the 1st place!

There you go:

Overall result Raft 4: 1st place

Overall result Raf 6: 2nd place
We are selected for the 2013 IRF Rafting World Championships in New Zealand!

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